Sunday, April 22, 2018

Haiku Shuukan #7 ('18) Beach

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Not so long ago I was wandering along the beach. I was completely alone, it was warm, but no one was there ... So I decided to take of my clothes and take a skinny dip, all nude I ran into the surf. The water embraced me and welcomed me. It felt great ... of course I had to dry up, because I hadn't taken a towel with me. So I laid down on the warm sand feeling the sun on my body. After a while ... I don't know how long I felt that the sun was no longer warming me. As I opened my eyes I saw the most beautiful woman ever. She smiled at me and I could see that she enjoyed what she saw. Later that day we ended up at my apartment ...

a seagull's cry
the only thing heard on a summer beach
embraced by beauty

© Chèvrefeuille

For this week's prompt here at Haiku Shuukan I challenge you to create a haibun themed "beach" as I did above.

Beach Love
Share your haibun on beach with us all here at our Haiku Shuukan.

This episode is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until April 29th at noon (CEST). Have fun!

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